Which Type of Massage is Right For You?

With many massage techniques available in NYC; Asian massages such as Thai and Swedish massages are the most popular. However, if you are interested in experiencing different massage techniques, here are a few types explained with their physical benefits.

Swedish Massage – This is the most commonly practiced form of massage and is what you will be offered at most spas. The technique involves light to moderate pressure with a range of motion. Swedish massages are said to increase oxygen flow and to release toxins from the body.

Shiatsu: Some Asian massage Manhattan offer Shiatsu massages and they are based on traditional Chinese medicine. Most often the massages are performed on the floor and use pressure points to treat headaches, insomnia, injury recovery, and more.

Thai Massage – Thai massages are based on applying pressure and stretching techniques to create energy. Most often these massages are done on the floor and can involve deep stretching and yoga-like

Tui Na – This is a Chinese therapy, used alongside acupuncture and involves brushing, knead, rolling/ pressing and rubbing the areas between each of the joints. This is a well-known treatment for those who suffer from lower back pain or just regular everyday muscle tension. Asian massage Manhattan has many Tui Na massage centers within the city.

Reflexology – These types of massage involves the physical act of applying pressure to the feet and hands. The therapist will use their thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion.