The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Mattresses

Written by The Foam Factory

Getting a good night’s sleep depends on several factors such as the right temperature, darkness, sheets, covers, pillows, etc. The basic element to start with is the mattress, as it will make the biggest difference. Here are the pros and cons of the most popular types of mattresses available on the market:


Innerspring mattresses provide support using multiple coil springs and are the most popular and widespread of the three types in this article. Each of these coils is individually enclosed, providing a mattress that can last years. The good news is that spring mattresses are good for most situations, for those who are overweight and for anyone suffering from back pain. The bad news is that the more expensive spring mattresses are not necessarily better.

Memory foam

Memory foam is great for pain relief as it molds to the shape of your body. The problem is that it changes using the body temperature, and this heat retention can make the memory foam mattress seem hot at night. There are some complaints of a chemical smell, but that dissipates rather quickly. Memory foam can be costly, so another option is to add a memory foam topper to an existing mattress.


Latex mattresses are made from either synthetic or natural rubber and provide a firm feel with plenty of bounce. Unlike the memory foam mattress, the latex pushes back, providing more support. Those who do not like a firm mattress will find latex uncomfortable.