The Best Spa Treatments For $30 or Less

3Everyone knows that the benefits of spa treatments are more noticed if one enjoys them more often. With spa treatments costing well over $200, most people can barely enjoy a new york massage every month. Here are 4 spa treatments that would make a weekly spa visit possible, without breaking your budget.

Relax Foot Spa: Foot reflexology massage – At relax foot spa a 60 minute foot massage will only set you back $30. This mini spa has a number of trained therapist that will work on your head and neck, while your feet are soaking in a herbal tonic.

Jade Beauty and Day Spa: Reflexology foot massage – This spa will charge $15 for a 10 minute session and $25 for a 20 minute session. The session includes a footbath filled with aloe vera and a massage starting from the knees all the way to your feet.

Hair Plus Design: Blowout – Appointments are not needed at this spacious salon. With over 80 styling stations, you will never have to wait to get your hair done. This salon has the most comfortable washing chairs and are known for bouncy blow outs that only use a round brush. A sleek straight or bouncy blowout will only cost only $20.

Mousey Brown Salon: Scalp Rx – For just $20 chatty staff with massage your tresses with an invigorating mix of peppermint and eucalyptus oils. This sensual massage nyc will remove product buildup and dry skin from your scalp, leaving your hair clean and fresh.

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