Symptoms, Causes and Remedies for Ringworm

Article written by Taste for health

Ringworm is a skin disease often caused by fungus a minute form of vegetable. Ringworm can be irritating but is not dangerous

Symptoms include

  • Formation of round or oval patches with raised pink and scaly rings which show a clean space in the center. Itching usually cause the infection to spread.

Causes of ringworm include

  • Ringworm usually affects the scalp, the body, the feet and the nails. Scalp ringworm is the most common and is usually seen amongst children due to lack of protective fatty acids. The ringworm then spread over the skin and goes deeper into the skin causing hair breakage which results in bald spots on the scalp.
  • Ringworm spread from one person to another by getting contact or by sharing belongings like towel etc.

Home Remedies to cure ringworm are

  • Raw papaya should be applied regularly on the affected areas or paste of dried papaya seeds can also be applied on the affected area.
  • Paste of mustard seeds should be applied on the skin after thoroughly washing the infected area with hot water.
  • Butea Seeds grounded and mixed with a little lime juice can also  be applied on the infected area.
  • Cassia leaves applied on body will help alleviate swelling and skin irritation.
  • Holy basil juice can also be applied.
  • Raw turmeric juice also help get rid of ringworm. Honey mixed with turmeric should also be taken orally.
  • 200ml of spinach juice & 300ml of carrot juice combined together can help reduce ringworm.
  • Maintain a balance diet, consume more fruits such as apples, papayas, pomegranates and pineapples. Consume milk and curds as well.
  • Avoid tea, coffee and canned foods.

Other remedies:

  • Warm water enema may be used to cleanse the bowels during all fruit diet.
  • Bathe daily twice and drink plenty water.
  • Fresh air is very essential.
  • Apply coconut oil regularly on the affected areas.
  • Sunbathing is also beneficial and apply mudpack twice daily.