Stop embarrassing flatulence

Article written by Coleanse Diet. Your food habits are mainly to blame for flatulence and avoiding certain types of food may help to stop it. When starting with a clean slate consider colon cleansing with an all-natural product such as Coleanse proven to provide safe and gentle cleanse.

Flatulence is that socially embarrassing gas that comes out of your anus due to trouble having digestion of carbohydrates you eat. Consumption of food such as beans and broccoli that is rich in fiber, fructose loaded food such as naturally occurring sugar contained in fruits, complex sugar known as Raffinose comes in vegetables including cabbage, lactose rich dairy products and sorbitol found in gums are considered gas causing food items. Excess gas in stomach and intestinal tract can cause uncomfortable bloating, increased burping and gas emanating from the rectum. Most people pass gas approximately 14 times a day. Most gas is odor less but when mixed in with sulfur-containing compounds, indole and skatole it can produce heavy smelling gas. Since flatulence is connected to your dietary habits, it can last until you change your food habits. For others it may require additional steps such as cleansing the colon with an all-natural supplement such as Coleanse Diet Pills to start fresh.