Problems with Deep Tissue Massages

Many Asian massage in NYC, offer deep tissue massage to distress and relieve pain. Deep tissue massage uses slow, forceful strokes that target deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. Deep tissue massages are helpful for people who have severe muscle tightness and pain due to damage caused by injuries. However, this form of massage can cause some of the following problems.

Bruising and pain – Since deep tissue massages are forceful, they can leave the client with bruising and tenderness. Therefore, it is best to book your appointment on the weekend so that you can rest throughout the day, if you are in pain.

Blood clots – It is advisable that people who suffer from blood clots or have pain in certain areas of their body for extended periods of time, avoid deep tissue massages. Deep tissue massages will tend to release blood clots that can then lead to a stroke, heart attack or embolism. Therefore, speak to your physician if you have any health concerns, before booking an appointment.

Nerve damage – In rare cases, nerve damage can follow a deep tissue massage due to the use of force on the skin. Therefore, deep tissue massages should be avoided for children, the elderly or for those who bruise quickly.

If you are visiting an Asian massage spa NYC, speak to your therapist and clarify any concerns that you may have.