Power to fight diseases as we age

Article written by Cellan. Researchers find that power to fight diseases diminish as we age and some T cells may be able to stabilize with lifestyle changes and supplements. Cellan Diet contains natural ingredients that may help to improve disease fighting power.

As we age, we tend to lose the immune response capability reducing our power to fight diseases. This is why we get more inflammatory and infectious diseases as we get older. Not all elderly are suffering from diseases. Some age beautifully without any health issues. But many are prone to numerous diseases according to researchers. Most common are respiratory issues, influenza, and pneumonia, and they could lead to death for some 65 years and older individuals. Many scientists believe this phenomenon is caused by decrease of T cells in the body which gives the fighting power to wade off diseases. Researchers at the University of Arkansas think that our immune system weakens as we age resulting memory loss and the power to recognize microbes when they reappear. Another research found that vaccines have limited power to fight influenza especially in older people.

This is where supplements may help to reestablish cell health but more research are needed to confirm. Cellan Diet Pills are made of all natural ingredients that are aimed at improving cell health.