Symptoms, Causes & Remedies for Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion is when an individual experiences stuffy nose, this can be caused due to formation of thick mucous in the nose or due to inflammation of the nasal cavity lining.

Symptoms of nasal congestions are that the patient experiences difficulty in smelling or eating. The nose fells stuffy thus breathing becomes quite difficult. Usually there might be a loud sound while breathing. Nasal congestion can also cause a problem in hearing or can also result in disturb sleep.

Causes of nasal congestion as mentioned earlier might be due to formation of excess phlegm and mucous in the nose. Also the inflammation of the lining of the nasal cavity can result in nasal congestion causes difficulty while inhalation.

Other causes of nasal congestion include flu, common cold and sinus infection. Hay fever, nasal polyps, rhinitis and increase use of nasal sprays can also cause stuffy nose.

Remedies to cure nasal congestion include:

  • Using air conditioners, vaporizers and dehumidifiers can help get rid of the airborne irritants and allergens this will reduce the possible cause of nasal congestion.
  • Vaporizers used with menthol or apple cider vinegar will help soothe the inner membranes of the nose, also hot water steam can help cure stuffed nose.
  • Consuming pungent food is also beneficial. Hot chicken soup is a good remedy to cure stuffed nose.
  • Hot compress is a good remedy to cure stuffy nose as the compress help increase the drainage of sinuses.
  • Homemade saline spray i.e. a mixture of water, salt and baking soda boiled together and stored in a sterile place can also help relief stuffy nose.

Increase quantities of vitamin C in the diet helps cure stuffy nose. Citrus and yellow vegetables help treat nasal congestion.