Make Your Bedroom a Stress Free Zone

The bedroom is supposed to be the most tranquil and relaxing part of the home, but can easily be a place of chaos and stress. The bedroom can quickly become anything but relaxing, especially as we build up clutter. To try and bring back that sense of comfort in the bedroom, and create a stress-free zone, there are a few steps to take to transform the environment.

It’s important to remove electronics or televisions from the bedroom to create a quiet space that is not overly distracting. Replace the television with a stack of books or magazines for an easy way to unwind before bed.

The most relaxing part of the room is the bed, which should include comfortable bed linens that have a high thread count and a cozy design. Choose a print that is soothing with neutral shades for an easy way to create a calming environment that doesn’t feel obtrusive or dramatic.

Comforters should also be fully stuffed with natural materials used for a soothing addition to the bed, and to cut down on allergens that can disrupt your sleeping patterns. You can also add several different pillows for extra dimension that allows the bed to look cozy and luxurious.

Adding dimming lights to the bedroom will also create a stress-free zone without the use of florescent bulbs or harsh overhead lamps. The lighting should be strategically placed in specific corners or the room for natural lighting that gently illuminates the space.