How to Get Back to Work After the Pandemic

With so many people around the world still reporting that they are out of work, the question comes up so often about working. How can people who have been in quarantine for months feel safe about returning to work? Many are wondering if it’s all right. This is especially true if you work in jobs where you must come in contact with a large number of people. The Global Spiritualist Association has researched this topic.

Jobs in restaurants, hotels and similar places may not be safe. Many officials report that people no longer feel confident about their ability to go out in public and work each day. Did you ever apply for a really great job that you were excited about and so sure the interview was successful and then get that call back saying the job went to someone else? This can be due to the large number of workers trying to find jobs now.

At the Global Spiritualist Association, we are concerned about this growing problem. We know how important it is for people to work each day. We all need a regular income in order to pay our bills and live a decent life.

The central idea that The Global Spiritualist Association has learned is that everyone needs to feel that others care. We want to invite people to reach out and learn about the resources available in your community.

TGSA helps serve the vision of Teacher Xinyue:

“To link with spiritual energy comprehensively, to create health, happiness, and super achievements, to share this energy with everyone, to help one billion people resonate and connect with spiritual power, and to achieve all beauty, abundance and joy in life.”