How to Get Abundance That’s Lasting

Article by The Global Spiritualist Association

If you’re looking to create authentic abundance in your life, then relax and meditate. Try to envision the things that you want in a fulfilling, purposeful life. You may be looking for love. Perhaps you need healing from some past relationship. Many of us desire to have a good-paying job that we enjoy.

As we fill our lives with these things, we begin to experience the feelings of abundance. Instead of pursuing material possessions, we can accumulate intrinsic items like:

Love, Joy, Peace



Compassion for all mankind

Create Abundance through Inner Peace

Inner peace comes from a psychological or spiritual calmness. The hardest thing is to remain in this state despite the potential presence of stress. In all our lives, we will often have stressful situations; there’s no way to avoid this sometimes. But inner peace stays with you regardless of what’s going on around you.

When we pursue worldly possessions, we are often disappointed. The wealthiest people are sometimes the most unhappy. Being rich can be a burden. It may be nice to have fancy home, car and clothes, but they can’t bring true happiness or peace of mind.

Meditation Techniques

As we think about all these issues of life, it can be helpful to simply find a quiet place and meditate. Let all those thoughts go. Take deep cleansing breaths and with each one, let go of stress, worry and all the things that trouble your mind. Focus your mind on peaceful thoughts.

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