Constipation is routine but need immediate action

Article written by Coleanse.

When you experience difficult bowel movement or irregular bowel movement, we call the condition as constipated. As a rule of thumb, if you are unable to make a bowel movement in more than three days then you may be constipated. Straining during bowel movement, hard stools, unable to evacuate feces completely, and fewer than usual bowel movement within a week are some of the symptoms of constipation and if you have more than two of these symptoms you are constipated. Among reasons that cause constipation inadequate fluid intake, lack of fiber in the diet, lack of exercises, travel long distances that could disrupt the rhythm of bowel movement, stress, eating large amounts of dairy products, certain types of cancer, eating disorders, pregnancy and many other conditions could cause constipation. You may experience pain and swelling inside and outside of your anus.

Start a regular exercise program, eat fiber rich food, and drink plenty of fluids. At the same time avoid smoking and drinking soda and caffeine. Many regularly cleanse their colon with the help of a supplement such as Coleanse Pills to maximize colon functions and avoid constipation.

Constipation is routine but require immediate action if you are experiencing it. Many keep their colon working properly with a supplement such as Coleanse Diet to avoid constipation.