How to care for your hair after getting highlights

Highlights can totally change your look and make you look stylish. However, the hair must be properly taken care of after getting the highlights. According to Danie’s Beauty Salon, there are a few general guidelines that must be followed in order to make sure that your highlights are well maintained, while keeping the hair healthy.

It is recommended by many hair specialists to wait for at least 72 hours before shampooing your hair. Moreover, you must always choose specific shampoos for color-treated hair. These types of shampoos are easily available in the market. make sure that you use a sulfate-free shampoo as the sulfate not only strips your hair color but also makes your hair dry and brittle.

Avoid washing your hair frequently, as that can cause the color to fade really quickly. Another tip is to always use cool or lukewarm water when washing your hair because hot water not only leaches out the dye but also makes the hair dry.

Avoid using the styling tools. However, if you really need you to use styling tools, then make sure that these tools are used only on low heat. Moreover, use a heat-protecting spray or balm on your hair as well. Another important tip is to cover your hair with a cap or scarf when you go out in the sun, in order to protect your hair color.

Beauty Salons in Glendale, CA, can provide you with the best professional advice that will help you take care of your hair after getting highlights.