African mango to help with hyperglycemia

Article written by Cellan Diet.

Blood sugar or blood glucose, a type of carbohydrate supply energy and carried in the blood stream. There are many types of sugar in our blood stream and what counts the most is glucose. Parts of some food that we eat convert to sugar and under normal conditions our body is capable of controlling the level of sugar in blood. Each time we eat, sugar concentration in our blood stream rise and the pancreas release insulin allowing glucose to enter into cells. Excess glucose is stored in the liver and muscles. The average blood glucose level is approximately 90 mg/dl and the level fluctuates all throughout the day. Higher than normal blood glucose is known as hyperglycemia and people with diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome and other illnesses suffer from the condition. Normally dry mouth, frequent urination, constant thirst and suppressed appetite are symptoms of hyperglycemia. Medications, exercises as well other methods are used to control blood sugar in people with blood sugar related illnesses. Researchers find that a supplement made with African mango helped to lower blood sugar spikes in many experiments. This is why Cellan Diet Pills contain African mango.

African mango has been linked to control a blood sugar level related hyperglycemia. This is why Cellan Diet contains dried and powdered inner seeds of African mango.