A Few Common Decorations To Add Feng Shui To A Garden

Article by Wicker Paradise .

While most people think of plants when they think of a garden, there is a lot more to a garden than that, especially a feng shui garden. Adding decorations of various kinds is a big part of making sure you include the different elements.

Since Birds bring good energy when they come into your feng shui garden, it is no surprise that birdbaths are a common decoration for this. Fountains that feature running water can also come in a variety of designs that can feature other elements as well as that of water.

A place to sit and rest is also an important part of your feng shui garden, the most common things for this being either a pair of wicker furniture chairs or a simple wooden bench. This should of course go in the part of your garden that should have the wood element.

When it comes to getting from one part of your garden to the other, small rocks and stepping stones are a good option. The curves of stones help keep the rounded edges that you want in a feng shui garden and as stepping stones they emphasize the life principle that life is to be one day at a time.

Finally, wind chimes are another common item that is cheap and easy to place in your garden. These can come in all manner of sizes, shapes, and designs. Even the smallest of gardens can usually fit one of these.

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